About Us

onebillion is a non-profit developer of numeracy and reading apps that take young children through a complete course at their own pace, and in their own language.

We build scalable solutions that are designed to work for each and every child. We actively encourage independent evaluation, and work with partners and authorities to ensure their interventions use the best possible solutions for the child.

Press releases

UK team onebillion - the only European finalist in Elon Musk's...

London-based non-profit onebillion has been announced as one of the 5 finalists in the Global Learning XPRIZE , funded by Elon Musk. XPRIZE is... read more

18.09.2017 • By onebillion

UK team semifinalist in Global Learning XPRIZE

LONDON (June 21, 2017) - London-based nonprofit onebillion has been selected as one of 11 semifinalists from seven countries in the $15 million... read more

21.06.2017 • By onebillion

Closing the gap in maths through an app - in only 30 minutes a day

A new study reveals significant maths improvements for children learning with the right apps, regardless of their socio-economic background.... read more

07.02.2017 • By onebillion